Our patients are grateful for working with us.

Less anxiety

Michelle has been amazing at helping me reduce my anxiety, before I started my sessions I felt like I didn’t want to leave the house and couldn’t even drive in the car for more than 10 minutes at a time. [...]

Sleep disorder

Hi Michelle I just wanted to reach out and tell you how grateful I am that I came to see you. You have done nothing short of changing my life. I haven't slept so well constantly for years! I listen [...]

Cigarettes out

I smoked for 20 years and tried to quit multiple times - without success. Until a friend of mine recommended Krassi. I had a Skype session with her and It’s been four months since I haven’t smoked. I still have [...]

Stress relief

I was feeling really stressed out with both work issues and stuff going on in my private life. Michelle really made me feel relaxed and enabled me to put things in perspective. Fantastic! Thanks Michelle

Weight loss

It was sheer desperation that led me to consider hypnosis for my debilitating weight gain. At the first appointment I knew I had struck lucky. After the first week I started to lose weight, Krassimira has enabled me acknowledge that [...]

Hot flushes

I went to see Michelle for my hot flushes, she was recommended by a friend. Amazing, I am able to sleep properly, for the first time in a couple of years, I am also able to control them better during [...]

My IBS has finally gone!

My IBS has finally gone! I went to see Michelle because of my problem with IBS. For years and years I have had to battle the discomfort and embarrassment of IBS. I have tried pain killers and God knows how [...]

I quit smoking

Hello Krassi Smoking was always something I would stop doing tomorrow, I was scared to stop and being A HEAVY 25+ a day smoker for 32 years the thought of not smoking never seemed to be a realistic option for [...]

I no longer smoke

Krassimira’s hypnosis literally changed my life. I had been a smoker for almost twenty years and had tried cutting down, patches and gums, none of which worked and had pretty much lost hope I would ever be able to stop [...]

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