Hello Krassi

Smoking was always something I would stop doing tomorrow, I was scared to stop and being A HEAVY 25+ a day smoker for 32 years the thought of not smoking never seemed to be a realistic option for me. A skeptical person I couldn’t see how the option of hypnotherapy via Skype could ever work but facing the pressure from home to quit I decided to try it and the rest is history! The last time I tried to stop was 1999 new years eve at 12 o’clock, I lasted two hours! This time I am on day 10 and quite frankly I cannot see myself ever smoking again! I am so proud of myself! I already can truly taste food again, I breathe without weasing, I don’t smell and I feel like I can look at my 4 & 6 year old knowing I might now have a bit more time with them than I could have done 10 days ago! Most importantly I want to thank you, your honesty and encouragement went beyond my expectation, your engagement since my session has been re-assuring and knowing that your passion is to make me a non smoker shines through! I Cannot thank you enough. Mark