Hypnotherapy for Children

Growing up can be difficult – there may be pressures at school, learning how to build relationships, bodily changes – causing anxiety and worries.

Then there are those problematic habits – for example thumb sucking, nail biting or skin picking, hair pulling, bed wetting and embarrassing blushing.

Sometimes they may worry about sleeping in their own bed, be afraid of the dark, monsters or are having nightmares. There can be shyness, anger issues, lack of confidence in their abilities and family difficulties like parents separating or divorcing.

The good news is that all these issues, and more, can be dealt with very effectively using hypnotherapy.

By using informal sessions, I show your child how to relax and we work together to help overcome their issues by using imagination, story telling and making adventures. Showing young people how to relax and become more confident can make a huge difference to their self esteem and how they deal with life’s problems.

Even though there is a very good possibility of a successful change, we can’t make any guarantees or promises. This is because every child is individual, the same as with every adult, and have individual symptoms or problems.

In our first session I want to get to know them, and them to know me. I explain what hypnotherapy is and, if they agree, carry out the first part of the therapy. I also send a free relaxing MP3 to listen to at home and reinforce our sessions.

Our therapist Michelle Seymoure is trained by, and a member of, The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapy (TISPH)

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