Less anxiety


Michelle has been amazing at helping me reduce my anxiety, before I started my sessions I felt like I didn’t want to leave the house and couldn’t even drive in [...]

Less anxiety2019-10-27T16:24:05+00:00

Sleep disorder


Hi Michelle I just wanted to reach out and tell you how grateful I am that I came to see you. You have done nothing short of changing my life. [...]

Sleep disorder2019-10-24T09:33:26+00:00

Cigarettes out


I smoked for 20 years and tried to quit multiple times - without success. Until a friend of mine recommended Krassi. I had a Skype session with her and It’s [...]

Cigarettes out2019-10-25T10:01:58+00:00

Stress relief


I was feeling really stressed out with both work issues and stuff going on in my private life. Michelle really made me feel relaxed and enabled me to put things [...]

Stress relief2019-10-24T09:31:51+00:00

Weight loss


It was sheer desperation that led me to consider hypnosis for my debilitating weight gain. At the first appointment I knew I had struck lucky. After the first week I [...]

Weight loss2019-10-24T09:31:33+00:00

Hot flushes


I went to see Michelle for my hot flushes, she was recommended by a friend. Amazing, I am able to sleep properly, for the first time in a couple of [...]

Hot flushes2019-10-24T09:30:20+00:00

My IBS has finally gone!


My IBS has finally gone! I went to see Michelle because of my problem with IBS. For years and years I have had to battle the discomfort and embarrassment of [...]

My IBS has finally gone!2019-10-24T09:26:02+00:00

I quit smoking


Hello Krassi Smoking was always something I would stop doing tomorrow, I was scared to stop and being A HEAVY 25+ a day smoker for 32 years the thought of [...]

I quit smoking2019-10-24T09:23:10+00:00

I no longer smoke


Krassimira’s hypnosis literally changed my life. I had been a smoker for almost twenty years and had tried cutting down, patches and gums, none of which worked and had pretty [...]

I no longer smoke2019-10-24T09:24:38+00:00