Alcohol – Alcohol is a big part of society – we drink to celebrate successes, to wish congratulations and even commiserations. While in moderation, drinking isn’t considered a serious issue, when it becomes excessive, concerns can arise. But how much is too much ? How moderate is moderate ? If an individual is turning to drink as a coping mechanism – as a way to deal with life’s stressors – then it is considered a problem.
But support is available. With hypnotherapy, you can overcome the addiction.

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Gambling – Problem gambling (often referred to as a gambling addiction) is the urge to continuously gamble, despite the negative consequences or a desire to quit. There are many ways gambling can affect your life for example your relationships and social life, can be affected as well as your finances. Hypnotherapy for gambling is one method many people find effective. Through hypnosis and relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy can help the client access the deepest parts of their unconscious mind, and identify the triggers that led to the addiction.

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